Andreas Strehler, a member of the AHCI and a Prix Gaïa laureate, has been an independent watchmaker for the last 20 years. He is based in Sirnach, the German speaking part of Switzerland. Andreas Strehler designs, constructs and manufactures his movements in his own workshop with the help of a small and dedicated workforce. He also develops and constructs many of the tools and machines he uses. Andreas Strehler manufactures a very limited number of watches bearing his own name. Through UhrTeil AG, his movement production business, he also develops, designs and manufactures movements for other brands. On the one hand, Andreas Strehler in all consequence follows the classical construction principles. On the other hand, the design and the execution of his movements are very innovative. From the search for the best technical solution grow the delicate bridges and the whole look of his movements. To apply classical construction principals means that a movement by Andreas Strehler could have been built a hundred years ago, albeit using different technologies. Exotic materials are missing completely from his movements. In all probability, his watches can also be repaired in a hundred years' time by a skilled watchmaker. This, however, will be rarely the case, as many of his technical solutions are aimed at longevity: The winding mechanism uses true conical gear wheels for smooth functioningwithout wear. For the same reason, the regular gear wheels are designed with defined contact surfaces.